Regular Season: 8-8

Next Up: NFL Draft (May 8-10)

The Jets were 8-8 with a terrible offense last year. Now we have Mike Vick, Chris Johnson, Eric Decker and the draft still to come.

I’m calling playoffs right now.

A few days ago, it was rumored that the Jets would act quickly if Chris Johnson was released by the Titans, and today he has officially been cut.

The Jets are yet to make a move, but it’s certainly a possibility and I wouldn’t mind it at the right price.

Chris Ivory proved he can be an every down physical back last season, but CJ2K has the speed and breakaway ability he lackss, as well as being more of a contributor in the passing game.

I would have preferred the money went towards DeSean Jackson, but this would be a high upside move that we should make if he’s willing to a lower his salary expectations.

Not the biggest news, but Eric Decker will wear #87 for the Jets. He will pay Jeff Cumberland (who will switch to #85) $25,000 and took him for a steak dinner.

On the other hand, Michael Vick still hasn’t decided on a number, but he won’t be taking Geno’s #7.

It’s been a while since the Jets last made a move, but today they announced the signing of wide receiver Jacoby Ford.

While most were hoping for bigger news, he can contribute on offense and though we still don’t have a clear No. 1 receiver, the group is much stronger than it was last year.

We will go into the season with Ford, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley and David Nelson at receiver, which is pretty solid along with Jeff Cumberland at tight end. And don’t forget, we could still end up with a receiver in the first round of the draft.

Elsewhere, DeSean Jackson has been released, but the Jets don’t appear to be too interested. They have, however, been in discussions with cornerback Dimitri Patterson, which would be a good move in my books.

Update: The Jets have completed the signing of Patterson.

Mark Sanchez’s Farewell Letter to Jets Fans

Mark Sanchez’s Farewell Letter to Jets Fans

Big news. The Jets have officially signed Michael Vick to a one-year contract, and there’s obviously a very big chance he could be the starting quarterback next season.

I have mixed feelings on this, but a healthy Vick playing at his best is enough to turn this team into a playoff team, so this has the potential to be a fantastic move.

To make room for Vick, former quarterback Mark Sanchez has been cut, which seemed inevitable. He’ll likely find a chance to compete for a starting job in another situation.

It’s also possible that having Vick makes a DeSean Jackson trade more realistic, which would complete a real transformation of the offense into a dynamic force.

Elsewhere, both Cromartie’s have signed with other teams, leaving the Jets with Dee Milliner and Kyle Wilson as their starting corners. Rex Ryan is not happy and the front office will have to find an upgrade through the draft or the trade wire.

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