Regular Season: 1-1

Next Up: vs. Bears (Mon, Sep 22)

psychicmantis said: The fact that he’s on a shorter leash is one of the main reasons Jets lost. The coaches don’t have much faith in him so they call 3 run plays in a row or call timeout right before he throws a touchdown.

Yeah, they should really just let him play freely. There’s no point in getting Vick if they’re just going to keep protecting Geno. If he’s really that bad, let him show it so Vick can start, and if he’s actually good (which I think he is) give him some freedom.

Anonymous: Is geno on a shorter leash than last year ? I hope so, those plays where he trips on himself are irritating and he has to be more accurate man.

Definitely. I think he’s been mostly good so far overall, but they will put in Michael Vick if things go downhill. 

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