Pre Season: 2-0

Next Up: vs. Giants (Fri, Aug 22)

This is a great low-risk move. Defensive line was already our strongest area, but if you can add a solid back-up for a good price, you do it. If it doesn’t work out, the second year is a team option.

Between Wilkerson, Richardson, Coples, Snacks, Pace and now Babin, I think it’s pretty clear that the Jets have one of the better groups of defensive linemen in the league, if not the best.

There’s no guarantee Babin will pan out. He could play very few snaps and end the season with four or less sacks, but there’s also a chance he could be a really great pass-rush specialist. Given that Calvin Pace managed to record double-figure sacks last season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Babin came in and did something similar.


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