Regular Season: 1-6

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Jeremy Kerley is on the verge of signing a four-year extension with the Jets. I was pretty worried that they’d consider letting him go with Percy Harvin on board, but clearly not. We’re set at receiver for the next few years barring injury.

Now all we need is a productive quarterback. Hopefully Geno shows us something the rest of the way.

Edit: It’s official.

You’ve got Geno, with a great veteran behind him. You got Decker. You got two great running backs. They’ve always had a great defense here. So that’s all exciting stuff to me. But all I remember is them being a very tough team. I know they have a few losses in their hands, but they was in every single game with a couple of plays here and there that could have easily switched the game. So I definitely think this team has all the pieces.”
– Percy Harvin

Harvin to New York is official and the trade is only for a sixth rounder. This is a steal any way you look at it. Even if you take the locker room issues into account it’s still a pretty lopsided trade.

It is a conditional pick and can become a fourth rounder, but what the actual condition is we don’t know yet. It’s probably going to become a fourth rounder if Harvin is still on the roster in 2015, and if we end up not wanting him we can cut him and owe him nothing beyond his 2014 salary. Sounds very low risk if you ask me.

The Jets are reportedly going to cut David Nelson to make room for Percy Harvin. I was very happy with Nelson last year, but he’s essentially been non-existent through the first seven games, so I can’t really complain there. Better to go with youth for the remaining WR spots with Harvin, Decker and Kerley leading the way.

I’m still processing this trade since it came completely out of the blue, but I like it. This season is beyond saving, but Harvin, Decker and Kerley is a solid group of receivers for the next few years. Coupled with Ivory in the backfield and Amaro at tight end, the offense is looking good besides quarterback (which you have to assume the Jets will address with their first rounder next year).

Again, the season is over, so just let Geno start the rest of the way and try to win back his job for next year. If he fails, then we can feel comfortable in drafting a quarterback and will have a high pick with which to do so, as well as some decent weapons for whoever it is.

Edit: I also think this is John Idzik trying to save his skin. Woody Johnson has said he won’t be firing anyone until the end of the season, so if Harvin puts up big numbers that may be enough to save his job. Unfortunately, I can’t see Rex coming out of this season with his job, and that may have been different had we made a move like this beforehand.

The Jets just traded for Percy Harvin! They will send back a conditional mid-round pick to the Seahawks. The pick will be between the second and fourth rounds in 2015.

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